This is the next post in the series about grief and loss.  There is potential for life transformation from inevitable transitions in our life that naturally cause us to feel a sense of loss and grief.  The focus is on things we can actively do and changes we can decide to make to adjust to new realities in life as we age.
Getting older, aging every day
We are all getting older every day. There is no doubt about that. And considering the alternative, most of us are pleased that we get the opportunity to do so. While each new day is definitely a gift, there are also …

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friends at any age - seniors boomers

This is the first post in our series about the potential for rich life transformation for Boomers and Seniors through the natural occurrence of loss and grief.  A loss is a part of life and everyone will inevitably experience it at some point. A big challenge many face understanding the loss, accepting the grief and powering up to move toward a new reality…sometimes maybe even a better one.  So, it is about life transitions, but more than that.  

One of the Friends Life Care Care Coordinators brings this heart-warming story.  It is about the sense of loss associate…

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 What are you wearing?
Me — I’m rocking a red dress to participate in National Wear Red Day ® .    The American Heart Association ® created “Go Red for Women”.  The goal is to raise awareness that heart disease is the number one killer of women and to explain that there are real, tangible things that you can do to
help prevent this problem.  Today, I’m wearing red, but I am going to eat something orange. And I don’t even care if it clashes with my out
“Food is love”
I really enjoy cooking and baking and sharing recipes.  I grew up in a fami…

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