COVID-19 Is Threatening
This pandemic has ramped up anxiety for those who already struggled with it. And it has ignited new anxieties for those who have not dealt with it before.  It makes sense.  The purpose of anxiety is to alert us to a threat.  And COVID is certainly threatening.  It is important to understand that this emotion we label “anxiety” is normal right now.  Despite it being normal, I know it can feel upsetting and uncomfortable.  That’s why I want to teach you about managing your anxiety in the time of coronavirus.

Ways to Help Manage Anxiety

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Did you know that there are health benefits to the practice of gratitude?

This is the second post in the new VigR Chat series.  This series is created by the Friends Life Care Wellness and Care Coordination team.  Katie Starrantino, Wellness and Care Coordinator, presents on how to implement gratitude in your life.  She explains the benefits you can gain from doing so.

Watch this video. And you will hear about research on the topic of gratitude. In addition, you can learn some simple and straightforward practices.  You will see how you can implement gratitude in y…

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On Sunday, July 31, 1994, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article about the recent launch of a new company in Blue Bell. It was entitled “Friends Life Care assists people who don’t want to live in a retirement village” and “Friends Life Care: Helping people enjoy retirement at their homes”.

Some things have remained the same since this article was written so long ago. Friends Life Care continues in its commitment to Quaker-based values and is dedicated to serving older adults who wish to remain in their own home as they age. And “each member is assigned a …

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Top Ten Outdoor Walking Tips

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April 4th, 2019 Care Coordination No Comments

This is the second blog post in a series about Falls Risk Reduction.  Friends Life Care provides you with a list of important things to watch out for when you leave your home and go walking.
Tips to keep in mind when walking outdoors
1. First and foremost, look after yourself – exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week, eat right, have routine eye and ear examinations and take medications exactly as prescribed.
2. Always wear comfortable, well-fitting walking shoes or boots, with low heels and firm soles.
3. Carry as little as possible. Take advantage …

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Meet the Friends Life Care Team!

Friends Life Care is the largest and oldest long-term care provider of its kind — but none of it could be possible without our dedicated employees working every day to make it happen. This “Meet the Team” blog series will spotlight different members of our amazing staff. Today, we are getting to know our Associate Director of Care Coordination & Provider Relations, Kate Roberts, MSW, LSW. 

Kate Roberts has 20 years of experience working in the non-profit sector. She has spent over a decade advancing the psycho-social need…

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