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This post continues the series written by the Friends Life Care team for you.  It is being posted on Mother’s Day in recognition of all Mothers everywhere.
When My World Came to a Halt
I know I’m not alone when I say Covid 19 has brought my world to a halt. I am a mom of 4, with a sophomore in college, two 6th graders and a fourth grader. To say I am used to running around is an understatement.
Found My Happy Place
When schools closed — College too — and businesses encouraged workers to stay home, and all extracurricular activities were cancelled, I found myself in…

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Did you see the eMeetinghouse blog post earlier this week with my co-worker Courtney’s amazing sourdough starter?  She nurtured a bag of flour and water to create “Helen” and then “Helen’s sister” – an abundance of starter and baked goods.  It reminds me of the story of Strega Nona’s pasta pot.  This award-winning children’s book is set in Southern Italy.   If you have never read the folktale, it’s worth checking out.  Spoiler alert – there is an extreme overabundance of pasta.

In turn, thoughts of pasta lead me to think of wonderful Italy.  Last year, my partner …

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Last week, my colleague Gail Tomarchio wrote about mindful walking.  My topic is about making a sourdough starter. And it is about all the baked goods that come from the starter.  All this good food is one more reason to take that long, mindful walk.

My sourdough starter was born out of a need for a leaven.  There was none to be found in my grocery store thanks to Covid-19. So when the internet was flooded with bread and sourdough starter recipes I figured, why not?

Sourdough starter requires daily maintenance, including discarding excess starter. I felt guilty was…

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