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According to Alzheimer’s Association, one way to keep the brain healthy “is to get as much formal education as you can, at any point in life. Formal education is classroom-based learning administered by professionally trained teachers. Engaging in this type of education will help keep your brain healthy and may protect your brain from developing dementia. This could involve taking a class at a local college or community center that teaches a new topic, skill or hobby (e.g., learning a language or how to play an instrument).” Or it could involve taking a class online. Th…

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Why Older Adults Should Be Dancing

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January 21st, 2019 Health & Wellness No Comments
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“Dance and movement is the essence of life. One of the forces of life is movement. When you move your body and you move it rhythmically, you’re communicating with yourself, communicating with the environment and communicating at the highest spiritual level,” says Janet Reed on the Documentary of Dances of the Third Age. Dance for older adults might be more appropriate than just physical exercise, for it engages the whole person.
Natural decline or lack of fitness
As you age, your body functions decline. Does this decline happen naturally or is it because of a lack o…

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