Membership Plans for Independent Aging

Friends Life Care offers an affordable selection of membership plans designed to support asset protection combined with the resources necessary for true independent aging.

Customized plans provide comprehensive care coordination and home care, along with special opportunities to help improve and maintain independence. Costs vary depending upon your age, health, and other factors. We offer many options and choices so you can decide what is best for you.

Once approved, members review available options:

  • Dollar amount or daily benefit for care services.
  • Preferred term or length of care coverage.
  • Cost of living adjustment for protection against inflation.
  • Discounts for household memberships and preferred health status.
  • Self-pay period similar to a deductible on an insurance policy.

You can also select coverage for assisted living or nursing home care in the facility of your choice should your situation change with the life care option. However, the Friends Life Care plan is designed specifically to help you remain in your own home independently and the very high majority of our members are currently doing just that. Fees are typically paid on an annual basis and are based primarily on age and health status at the time of application.

Discounts are available for you and your spouse/partner, and both people in the household can sign up for and share access to each other’s plans. With a Friends Life Care plan you’ll gain choices, access to care when you need it, and independence.

Our Plan Counselors have many years of experience and can help you carefully evaluate the options that are right for you and fit within your budget. Friends Life Care fees are tax-deductible.

Talk to a Plan Counselor about turning your dreams for your future into a real plan.

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