Why You Should Rescue a Dog This Summer

By Cheryl Proska

You’re a new empty nester looking for ways to fill your time. You don’t have anyone to cook for anymore. No summer reading assignments, and no more swim lessons. So, what to do with all this newfound time on your hands? 

Rescue a dog!

Now is the perfect time to adopt that four-legged friend you’ve always wanted. Summer months are filled with fun activities, and you can add even more fun to your summer by giving a dog a home. There are so many great reasons to rescue a dog this summer, and here are a few.

You’re Saving a Life

End Euthanasia

Nearly 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Shelters around the nation are severely overcrowded, but social stigma against rescue pets has them struggling to find families willing to adopt. Instead, many people are choosing to purchase animals from pet stores, breeders or online sellers.

Adopting instead of shopping for a pet is just one step towards ending the euthanasia crisis. You can help drastically reduce the number of animals put down annually by visiting your local shelter.

Your Health 

Believe it or not, adopting a rescue dog can improve your overall health. Dogs have been known to decrease stress, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels, which leads to a healthier heart. Adopting a dog can even help reduce anxiety and depression.

Since dogs require walks and other physical activity, they’re a terrific way to increase your daily exercise. Research shows that people with dogs are more active than those without.

Put an End To Puppy Mills

Rescuing is Cheaper

Shelter pets are significantly cheaper than those $1,000 puppies sold by breeders. The national average price for rescuing a dog is around $100. Plus, your fee will go towards the maintenance and longevity of a great organization.

They’re Healthier

Dogs that are rescued by shelters are treated with love and care. They get vet checkups, spayed or neutered, and even microchipped. A dog from a puppy mill might not even come with all of it’s shots. When you adopt from a shelter you know you’re getting a healthy dog that is ready for a loving home.

Shelters even provide excessive health and mental screenings with dogs before they are even considered for adoption. They work with dogs to fix behavior problems and really get to know the animal so they can properly pair them with the perfect family. You wouldn’t get this kind of meticulous placement from a pet store.

Change a Life

Get a New Best Friend

There is nothing better than taking your rescue dog home for the first time. You’ve saved a dog from a life on the streets, and you’re going to give it the love and structure it needs. That should be reason enough to want to rescue an animal.

Make Room For More

When you adopt a dog at a shelter, you’re making room for other dogs to take their place. You could be saving another dog off the street, or another one from a kill shelter—the bottom line is…when you rescue one animal, you’re really rescuing two!

Summer is the perfect time to make a new fur-friend. You’ve got the time and attention to help save a dog from a life alone, and you’ll be giving yourself some adorable company too! Rescue a dog today and they’ll give you years of gratitude. You won’t regret it.

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