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Have you ever had a beloved relative who passed away before you got to ask important questions about their lives? Do you find yourself wondering about their values, hopes, dreams, and regrets? If they had left behind an ethical will, you would know the answers to these questions and more.

An ethical will (sometimes called a “legacy will”) is a written document to share values, wisdom, history, stories, and love from one generation to another.  The concept of an ethical will has been around for over 3,500 years, and few people are aware the concept and how it differ…

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Enjoying a Purposeful, Long, & Healthy Life
How does moving to Sardinia sound?
What if the move promises you a purposeful, long, & healthy life? Five communities in the world, Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Loma Linda, California and the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, have the lowest rates of middle age mortality, dementia, longest- lived women, highest concentration of centenarian men and some residents who live ten more healthy years than the average American.  These areas have been identified as the “Blue Zones”.
The Nine Lessons of Blue …

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