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maximize spring like nature

For many years I wondered why there was so much hype about the arrival of spring. I grew up in the tropics, where there is one season but four variations on it—stifling hot, very hot, hot, not so hot. Then I left my home to attend college in North America. I arrived at a time the residents called autumn, and before I was able to adapt to that season, along came the one they called winter. By March of the following year, I, too, was hyped, watching, praying, preparing for this season they called spring. For they promised me that in spring nature would get back all her hues…

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Stay Active This Summer!
Older adults can obtain significant health benefits with a moderate amount of daily physical activity. Seniors who stay active can achieve a higher level of independence, a better-functioning mind and body, and improved moods. Safely increasing duration, intensity and frequency of physical activity can result in greater health benefits. Stronger muscles help reduce the risk of falling and improve the ability to perform the routine tasks of daily life.

The Alzheimer’s Society says: ‘Whether it is going for a jog or walking the golf course, ke…

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