I’ve always done things on my own and I don’t see a reason why that should end—I’ve built a life I love and am responsible for my own happiness. That said I know that dependable care will be of great value if and when I need it in the future. So I’m putting the time and research in now to find the best options available to me. What I really need to determine is if I’ve saved enough and how my finances will be able to protect me in the future.

Making Meaningful Choices

One of the key challenges in preparing for retirement is determining if you’ve saved enough to pursue your dreams and ensure that you can take care of your health. The retirement lifestyle you hope to lead plays a big role in the amount you need to save.

The reality is that long-term care is becoming more expensive every year. Plus, with the population of people 65+ getting so much larger, government programs such as Social Security and Medicare might not be as financially supportive as they once were. That’s why it’s important to figure out your finances and who will provide your care as time goes on. Knowing where to turn when you experience a change in your health will give you peace of mind.


Long-term care insurance is one way to ensure financial security; however; it doesn’t pay for the coordination of prevention and of in-home care. If you have managed or provided care for a loved one in the past, you are well aware of just how much time, research, and worry are spent over finding the best possible options. Look for a plan that includes the support system you will value so deeply when needed. Find out more about the benefits of care coordination and how to protect your savings with a Friends Life Care plan.