We’re ready to decide if downsizing to a new home in a senior living community is the right choice for us, or if we should plan to stay in our family home with the big fenced in yard for our dog, Buddy. Our goal is to find one solution that will work for both of us, even though we each have our own distinct needs. Being healthy for as long as possible is important to us; but should something change, we do not want to have to ask our kids to be our caretakers. We need to know that the money we invest will be there to protect us how and when we need it in the future.

What the New Age of Retirement Means to You

Deciding where you want to spend your retirement is arguably one of the first major decisions that should be made when mapping out a retirement plan. Eighty-nine percent of Americans want to stay right where they are in retirement—at home.

If you do decide you’d like to live at home as long as possible, careful preparation is necessary. After all, there are realities to aging, and for many that can mean a decline in health either temporarily or over time. Taking steps to make your home accessible and safer for the long term is one way to protect your independence and comfort. Becoming a Friends Life Care member with the peace of mind and financial preservation it offers is another.

When the unexpected happens, you want to know you’ve saved enough and have a support system in place to guide you through the complex health care system, and to oversee and arrange for care.


If you do not want to live in an age-restricted community or pay the hefty entrance fee many CCRCs require then staying in your lifelong home may be your best option. Put your finances towards the care and preparations needed to make that stay as enjoyable as possible—just as you’ve imagined. Friends Life Care membership may be the right choice for you.