Questions About Care Coordination

  • Is there a Care Coordinator designated just to me?

    Yes. You have a designated, credentialed professional Care Coordinator. This individual is part of a larger, diversified wellness and care coordination team that collaborates to provide care across the full continuum of need.

    If you ever misplace your Care Coordinator’s name, the person who answers the telephone at Friends Life Care keeps a list of all of our members matched to their Care Coordinators. They can connect you with your Care Coordinator.

  • What is the best way to contact my Care Coordinator?

    The phone number for Friends Life Care is 215-628-8964 in the Greater Philadelphia area, 302-426-1510 in Delaware, or 800-496-1985, ext. 235 anywhere else. Please call and ask for your Care Coordinator.

    Your Care Coordinator may be out of the office visiting other members when you call as that is how our Care Coordinators spend much of their time. If your call is not urgent, please leave a voice mail message, and your Care Coordinator will contact you as soon as he or she is able.

  • What if I have an urgent need to reach my Care Coordinator?

    For true emergencies, dial 911.
    If your call is urgent and you need attention from Friends Life Care, please know that any one of our Care Coordinators or the Senior Director of Clinical Services who oversees care coordination can assist you. There are Care Coordinators assigned responsibility to be "on call" and handle urgent calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Does my Care Coordinator work as part of a team?

    Yes. All of our Care Coordinators are highly trained, yet their specializations may vary. The team includes individuals with specialties such as: nursing, occupational therapy, social work, nutrition, fitness and more. Together, they function as a cohesive team to care for our members. Care Coordinators communicate with each other regularly to best serve our members' needs.