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We care about your wellbeing and security and are committed to regularly updating and sharing information we glean from reliable sources regarding COVID-19 vaccination.  Check back on this section of the website for those updates along with what to expect regarding in-person visits with your Care Coordinator.

About COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccination has virtually eliminated smallpox and polio and also has diminished the negative affect of many other diseases.  To be as effective against COVID-19, it is necessary for people in the US and around the world to get immunized through vaccination.  By getting vaccinated, you can be part of the solution.

Vaccines to combat COVID-19 are now available in the United States.  Information is changing rapidly as to the availability and distribution of the vaccine.  And administration of the vaccine does vary state by state.  What the rigors of science tell us is that vaccination will save lives and can help make a difference in slowing the vicious spread of this virus.

This link will bring you to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website.  You can find accurate and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Federal Trade Commission created this infographic to help avoid falling for a vaccine scam.

There are a lot of myths circulating about the COVID-19 vaccination. ECRI, Friends Life Care’s Risk Management carrier, developed this PDF to help bust them.

Who is eligible now?

Vaccine distribution is determined by local health departments.  Every state has a website with information about COVID-19.  Some counties have websites you can use to find your own eligibility for receiving the vaccine.  You will need to register, input your zip code and respond to several health questions in order to receive information back.

Links to county-level information which is available are below:

Delaware County Council and the Delaware County COVID-19 Task Force have partnered with community organizations across Delaware County to launch the Homebound COVID-19 Vaccination Program.  Individuals can call the Delaware County COVID-19 Call Center at (484) 276-2100, or by email, to add themselves or a homebound loved one, friend or neighbor to the “Homebound Roster” for an on-site at-home vaccination.

In the Lehigh Valley, you can look to the Lehigh Valley Health Network for information about COVID-19.  On January 27, 2021, they opened their first mass COVID-19 vaccination location at Dorney Park.  It is a drive-through option. St. Luke’s Health Network is also a resource to the Lehigh Valley.

According to, Montgomery county has launched a few new tools to help address the confusion and assuage lingering doubts and frustration regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

One of them is a new COVID-19 hotline which residents can call and ask questions about the vaccine. It’s especially being touted as useful for the county’s seniors, who may not have access to the Internet.

The number is 833-875-3967. It also features Spanish speaking agents, and language line support for more than 100 other languages. It will be operational from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

A second tool the county is launching is a weekly email blast that will be disbursed out to everyone who has pre-registered. The email will provide an update on vaccination progress, and what registrants can expect when it’s their turn.

Links to state-level information are below:

Where will I get the vaccine?

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has provided an interactive map of COVID-19 vaccination locations. According to the map, some of those locations already have received doses of the vaccine and some have not. Others are expected to come online as the rollout reaches a wider and wider swath of the public.

Currently, the Federal Pharmacy Partnership has vaccination clinics at 159 skilled nursing facilities. Once Phase 1B starts, there is expected to be a mix of regional vaccination sites and more localized employer-based clinics for essential workers and others in the group. By the time the largest, latest groups are eligible, the vaccine is expected to be available at pharmacies, doctor’s offices and the like.

On Friday, January 15, 2021, Gov. Wolf signed a waiver that will allow pharmacies to order and administer the COVID-19 vaccine without a doctor’s orders.*

Your wellbeing and security

At the time of this post, more than 385,000 Americans and nearly 2 million people globally have lost their lives to COVID-19.  This alarming figure continues to grow.  Because of this, we strongly encourage you to always protect yourself and others by following the critically important steps which can aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19:  wear a face mask, stay physically distant from others – at least 6 feet apart and avoid all crowds — and wash your hand for at least 20 seconds.

In-Person Visits During COVID-19

Friends Life Care is committed to helping ensure our staff and members stay safe and well during COVID-19.  This outlines what you should expect for in-person visits with your Care Coordinator.

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