Loss & Grief Lead to Life Transformation

By Maria Buehler

Each quarter of each year, we hold member meetings. They give members a chance to hear the latest news from Friends Life Care, to learn more about matters related to healthy aging and to engage with the Friends Life Care team and other members. In spring 2017, the member meetings will focus on discussions about the potential for incredibly rich life transformation through the natural process of loss and grief. This includes life transitions but is bigger than that. Our wellness and care coordinators told us that this is something many people were asking to talk more about. Through the eMeetinghouse blog, we will be adding to the discussion with a series of posts.

The series will include a heart-warming story about making friends at any age, some questions to ask when figuring out what the new age of retirement means to you, an introduction to broken heart syndrome — yes, it’s a real thing — and other related topics. Check back to read the new blog posts as they come out, or sign up for email and we will send them directly to your inbox.

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