Friends Life Care VigR® Brings you Meet a Member. Meet Rosita: an Award-Winning Activist

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You will surely enjoy viewing this video as you hear Rosita Johnson tell about her decades of service to help South Africans and their struggle of apartheid– all while juggling full-time work as a Philadelphia teacher, serving as a delegate to the American Federation of Teachers and raising a family.

Learn how she co-founded Friends of SOMAFCO. After that, hear how she led and worked alongside groups of volunteers as they rolled up their sleeves to make a difference.  For example, the 1995-1996 “Booking it from Philadelphia to Soweto” project resulted in the organization collecting and shipping 3,000 books to needy schools in Africa.

Here you see her 2017 recognition from the City Council of Philadelphia.  This citation acknowledges the positive impact made by Friends of SOMAFCO through the years.  It was awarded to her to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the organization’s start.

In addition, she will share her delight and surprise upon receiving a prestigious global award for her leadership, unwavering commitment and kindness.

“The award of the order of OR Tambo presented to Rosita by the South African Government is for her ‘outstanding contribution to the well-being of young South African exiles by enabling them to pursue their education, and for raising awareness, in the United States, of the plight of South Africans under apartheid.'”

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Rosita continues her work today.

As Rosita explained in the VigR® Meet a Member video, she continues to hold an annual fundraiser for Rosie’s Kitchen in South Africa. This continues support for Rosie’s Kitchen which began in 2006.  Therefore, she was pleased to share that the first donation for 2019 has come in.

If you’d like to see more about Rosie’s Kitchen, view the YouTube videos below.  The videos highlight the work that Rosie and her sister do to serve people in need:

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