Dorm Room Products To Send Your Grandkid In College

By Cheryl Proska
September 21st, 2017 For Members No Comments

Students have been away at college for a few weeks now. They are learning and growing and becoming great young adults, but to you, they’ll always be a grandchild first in your heart. They’re incredibly busy with class work, new friends and a ton of added responsibilities. They’ve settled into their dorms, unpacked all of the essential items brought from home, and quickly realize they’ve forgotten several small but vital incidentals.

First aid kits, a sound machine, and single serve snacks are just some of the incidentals college kids will need for the school year but don’t always remember to pack into the car or suitcase that accompanies them to college.

Here’s a quick list of small items and care package ideas to send to your college-aged grandchild that they’ll need and appreciate.

For Their Safety

You want them to stay out of harm’s way at all times, but sometimes minor accidents happen. Unfortunately, younger adults don’t always prepare for the worst. That’s why items like a first aid kit; car emergency kits, extra phone chargers and small fire extinguishers make perfect items to ship off to Joe and Jane College.

For Their Sanity

Dorm life is fun but sometimes exhausting with people coming in and out all hours of the day and night All the commotion makes it hard to concentrate and even tougher to get a good night’s sleep. Consider sending small items like a sleep mask, earplugs, a diffuser (because candles are probably banned), wireless headphones or even a sound machine to help block out all of the distractions that occur while living communally.

For Their Stomach

A college student can never have enough food and drinks around, especially when cramming late night for exams or just hanging around on lazy weekends. Some good ideas for gifts to send off include a Brita pitcher and filter refills, a snack box full of healthy treats and extra K-cups for their coffee maker. Small microwavable meals most likely made the trip to college, but cookware to heat up leftovers or a travel mug to take hot and cold drinks to class may have been overlooked.

For Their Studies

The reason they are at school – though they might sometimes forget it — is to learn and obtain a  degree. Sending small study-centric gifts like highlighters and pens, extra sticky notes, index cards, notebooks and a journal to jot down all of the thoughts that run through their heads in and out of the classroom will be appreciated and put to good use.

And Everything Else

The college student in your life did a great job of packing up for their next year living away from home, but they’ll eventually run out of all of the dorm essentials. Be sure to mail items to restock their storage closet with dorm room must-haves like cleaning supplies, detergent pods, soap, shampoo and shaving cream. If you’re unsure of exactly which products they use the most, just ask them—then send those items to replenish the dorm room stash.

The following items are always appreciated and unavailable for purchase on Amazon: homemade baked goods, framed photos of family and good old cash and rolls of quarters are always appreciated when far away from home.

And last but not least, the occasional phone call, email or note is inexpensive and never a bad idea.

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