Are you familiar with the story of Robert Shields? Probably not– but his life’s work is expansive, and frankly, amazing.

Robert Shields journaled his life and that’s a huge understatement. He took journaling to an insane level, chronicling every moment of his life for over 25 years. He recorded the food he ate, the places he went, the things he bought and every single mundane detail of his existence. It’s estimated that Shields spent up to four hours a day recording his day.

Mr. Shields is the extreme case (he actually had a sickness called hypergraphia), but t…

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Protecting the skin is important at all stages of life, but as a person ages, the skin becomes more delicate. Older adults are more susceptible to having skin issues, especially in the long, sunny and sweltering days of summer.

Staying out of the sun doesn’t mean sitting indoors with the blinds shut. It just means being more conscious about exposure to UV rays and keeping these skin care tips in mind before heading outside for summertime activities.

This seems like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many people forgo the protection because they…

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Aging in Place in Center City, Philadelphia
A confession

I have a confession to make; I miss my closets. I recently moved from a large single home in the suburbs to a small two- bedroom apartment in Center City. Except for my closets there is little I miss from the suburbs.  The advantages at this stage in my life, living in a city far outweigh suburban living. I now get my groceries, dry cleaning and medications from my pharmacy delivered right to my doorstep.  On numerous occasions, I have commented that I do not have to leave my apartment if I don’t want to- e…

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Do you tell family stories to your kids & grand kids?
There are many benefits to storytelling. Stories that have meaningful messages can instill virtues in your child; they can make them aware of their own culture and roots, opening them up to their family’s customs and traditions. Storytelling can improve your child’s listening skills, language skills, and sharpen his or her memory. On a deeper level, however, telling your children family stories can help your child form his or her identity.

Co-author of Your Child Year by Year, Claire Halsey explains, “our i…

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Just because the kids have grown, that doesn’t mean you have to give up family vacations. Vacation time becomes a chance for parents and offspring to reconnect. In fact, as many parents of young adults already know, family vacations can be a lot more fun when the kids get older.

But how do you plan a family trip that appeals to everyone? Choosing a location for a family vacation with young adults can be a challenging. It’s difficult to find a destination that offers a variety of entertainment and cultural options to suit a variety of ages.

Here are some travel tips …

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