4 Ways to Make Spring Cleaning Easier

By Cheryl Proska
tips for easy spring cleaning

Spring-cleaning is the annual tradition of eliminating both dirt and junk that accumulated inside the home over the long winter.  This yearly cleaning purge is a certified mood enhancer and a great way to wake up the house from hibernation.

People tend to collect things over the winter, including gifts, winter clothing, and accessories to clear away the snow and ice. A day of thorough spring-cleaning provides the opportunity to say goodbye to the old and usher in a new season of less mess (and less time indoors).

However, a thorough spring cleaning can quickly take a toll on older adults who overestimate their energy levels. That’s why it’s essential to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.


Here are four ways to make spring cleaning easier on the body, mind, and spirit this season.

1. Ask Yourself “What is the Real Goal Today?”

The term “spring cleaning” typically refers to three things:

  1. organizing and decluttering your home,
  2. thoroughly cleaning every surface of your home
  3. A combination of one and two

However, there’s a big difference between organizing and cleaning. Organizing and decluttering is often a project — it requires thought and emotion, sifting through personal possessions and items. This tends to take much longer to finish. Cleaning, on the other hand, is a job — no thinking required. It’s simply a process of finding and eliminating dirt and dust from the house. This can be done faster than organizing.

So before you begin, determine if your day will be dedicated to getting rid of unnecessary items around the house, or spent mostly with mops, buckets, cleaning solutions and rags. Either option is acceptable, but it’s important to choose one or the other at the start of the day.

2. Make a List of the Biggest Jobs to Tackle

Formulating a to-do list is the best way to tackle any job. In fact, it’s the first thing a person of any age should do to kick off the day. When it comes to spring-cleaning, the to-do list is crucial since there’s usually so much that needs to be done. Start with the most extensive and time-consuming tasks.

Working off the to-do list ensures all of the critical tasks are handled first and the day is not wasted on minor cleanups best left until the end of the day or tackled on an entirely different day.

3. Go Top to Bottom

When tackling each room, clean from the top of the ceiling down to the floor. Knock all the dust and dirt down off the walls, furniture tops, and windows and onto the floor to be vacuumed up. Following the top to bottom rule also reduces the possibility of completely missing a surface.

4. Know Your Limits and Ask for Help

The expression “Rome wasn’t built in a day” holds true for spring-cleaning but it also bears mentioning that one person didn’t build Rome alone. If cleaning your home is a tough task to tackle alone, don’t be afraid to ask a spouse, child or grandchild to help. Be mindful not to saddle the helping hands with all of the worst tasks on the cleaning lists or take up too much of their donated time.


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