Dorm Room Products To Send Your Grandkid In College

By Friends Life Care
September 21st, 2017 For Members Comments Off on Dorm Room Products To Send Your Grandkid In College

Students have been away at college for a few weeks now. They are learning and growing and becoming great young adults, but to you, they’ll always be a grandchild first in your heart. They’re incredibly busy with class work, new friends and a ton of added responsibilities. They’ve settled into their dorms, unpacked all of the essential items brought from home, and quickly realize they’ve forgotten several small but vital incidentals.

First aid kits, a sound machine, and single serve snacks are just some of the incidentals college kids will need for the school year…

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Activities For Vivacious Boomers

By Friends Life Care Contributors
September 12th, 2017 For Members Comments Off on Activities For Vivacious Boomers

Sixty is the new 40. If you don’t believe it’s true, look around at some of the amazing things Boomers are doing these days.

Peter Roger didn’t start working on his thesaurus until he was 61. Sir Ranulph Fiennes climbed Mount Everest at age 65. Fauja Singh is completing marathons at the age of 106!

Better diet, better lifestyle, more exercise, less smoking and medical advancements mean Boomers are entering their sixties in better physical health than any previous generation.

But for many people over the age of 60, the idea of going quietly into the Golden Years d…

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About Continuing Care at Home

By Maria Buehler
September 5th, 2017 Uncategorized Comments Off on About Continuing Care at Home

Read about the benefits that Boomers and Older Adults alike are able to receive when they sign on to a continuing care at home “CCaH” plan.  In this August 30, 2017 feature by Home Health Care News, Carlo Calma writes about the history, value and growing prevalence of CCaH programs. He highlights a significant and unique part of the largest CCAH program in the United States: care coordination.   This article from Home Health Care News is another example of their coverage of the latest trends and interesting information in the senior in-home care industry.


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Why Life Is Better After 60

By Friends Life Care Contributors
August 30th, 2017 For Members Comments Off on Why Life Is Better After 60

As a baby boomer, you might not think it’s true right now but turning 60 will be one of the best moments in your adult life.

Everyone is familiar with the mid-life crisis. You’ve likely gone through it yourself and seen spouses, friends and your children try to cope with the milestone age of 40. Few people are aware there’s also such a thing as the “later life” crisis.

A third of people in their 60s undergo what’s being called a “later life crisis.” This internal struggle involves questioning the meaning of life and is brought on by two or more episode…

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Fall VigR Program Is Here

By Gail Tomarchio
August 28th, 2017 Uncategorized Comments Off on Fall VigR Program Is Here

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over, and we are heading towards the beautiful display of fall colors and then on to the holiday season. Just as each season appears to stand alone, it actually depends on the conditions in the other seasons to be at its peak. The same is true for us. To be at our overall best, we need a healthy balance of the different dimensions of wellness.
Eight Dimensions of Wellness
These dimensions are interconnected and important to an overall balanced life. Awareness of the factors that influence wellness allows you to make choices that…

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