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The Key Difference:
Care Coordination

As a member of Friends Life Care, you receive comprehensive, personalized support from your own Care Coordinator starting with a focus on prevention and wellness and evolving to coordinate care should you need it. This is a key difference that is unique to Friends Life Care membership.

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A Unique Approach
to Aging and
Thriving in Place

Designed to help you remain independent in your own home at any age, customizable membership plans from Friends Life Care help you protect savings and prepare for unexpected changes in health, while providing innovative options to help increase vitality and longevity.

» Am I eligible for membership? Enrollment is available to residents of Pennsylvania and Delaware. Individuals must be aged 40 to 85 and in reasonably good health.
» How are my savings protected? Your membership plan can pay for in-home care should you need it in the future. Coordination and oversight is provided by your Care Coordinator. Depending on the plan you select, you may also find that it can pay for care in a facility.
» What is a Care Coordinator? A Care Coordinator is your health care advocate. As employees of Friends Life Care, the team of care coordinators are experts in their fields. They are a member's primary contact from day 1.
» Who provides care if I need it? Care is provided by certified nursing assistants or home care aides selected by your Care Coordinator and you based on your needs and preferences.
» Is 24-hour care available? Yes. We can help ensure members receive the care they need be it short- or longer term.
» Are there claims to submit? There are no claims to file or reimbursements to wait for in most circumstances. You have no waiting period to access care when you need it.

» Can my plan be customized? Yes. Plans are highly customizable to fit your preferences. You can choose among options for cost-of-living adjustments, facility care and much more.
» How much will the plan cost me? The actual cost to you will be based on the plan and options you select. Our knowledgeable Plan Counselors are available to provide you with pricing so you can best plan for the future. There are discounts available for a couple in the same household.
» Does my plan move with me? Yes. If you relocate or travel anywhere in the U.S. and require services, your plan and care coordination remain in effect.
» When did this program begin? Friends Life Care pioneered continuing care at home (CCAH) in 1985. With more than 2400 members, Friends Life Care is the largest and most successful CCAH plan in the United States.
» How can I learn more? Call 267-465-7031 today to reserve space at our informational seminars or for a free phone consultation with a Plan Counselor.

Informational Seminars at No Cost or Obligation

Friends Life Care invites you to learn more about what membership can do for you. We are here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Join us for a seminar in your neighborhood. Lunch will be served after each seminar. 8:30 am seminars include breakfast. If you're unable to attend a seminar, please call 267-465-7031 for a free phone consultation.

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VigR™ Enrichment Workshops

The VigR program helps participants understand four factors essential to a healthy life: vitality, independence, growth and resilience (VigR). VigR workshops explore health and wellness topics with an emphasis on habit change and whole-health improvement. Click below to view the schedule for
Spring 2017 .

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Friends Life Care Partners is a nonprofit Quaker organization that comprises four subsidiaries:

<li><a href="" target="_blank">Friends Life Care</a> (Member Organization)</li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Friends Life Care Consultants</a> (formerly Life Care at Home Partners)</li>
<li> <a href="" target="_blank">Intervention Associates</a> (Care Management and Guardianship)</li>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Caring Friends</a> (Home Care)</li>

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